About Dr. Papalian

"Dr. Papalian speaking at the groundbreaking for the New Sequoia Hospital"

Dr. Michael Papalian is a board certified plastic surgeon in private practice on the San Francisco Bay peninsula and founder of The Plastic Surgery Center on Woodside. Combining years of experience with dedication to his practice, Dr. Papalian delivers the highest quality of personalized care to each of his patients. Dr. Papalian's aesthetic excellence and uncompromising patient safety are reasons for his renown.

Dr. Papalian has the distinction of world-class training and two decades of experience. As one of only two physicians selected worldwide for the honor of residency training in Plastic Surgery at the prestigious Stanford University, in 1983 Dr. Papalian began his extensive work in all areas of plastic surgery, including cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, microsurgery, and cranio-facial surgery. Dr. Papalian went on to open his private practice in 1989, in Atherton, Palo Alto and Redwood City. After 20 years in practice, Dr. Papalian's patients rest assured they are in the qualified hands of an experienced surgeon.

"Sequoia Hospital"

Dr. Papalian is a distinguished professional in his field and strives to have each patient encounter reflect that professionalism. His career, a triangulation of aesthetic excellence, professional mastery, and leadership, culminates in a reputation that precedes him. Dr. Papalian has a true appreciation and mastery of “what it takes” to have a successful artistic outcome with an unparalleled safety record. He has been recognized by his fellow physicians as one of the few plastic surgeons they would select to treat their own family members. Dr Papalian has served as Chairman of the Department of Surgery at Sequoia Hospital. His peers have twice elected him President of the Professional Staff at Sequoia Hospital, located on the San Francisco peninsula, where he recently served as Chief-of-Staff.

Experience Matters...

Dr. Papalian has been in private practice for two decades.  He has successfully treated over eight thousand patients. Dr. Papalian is Board-Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery as well as a Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Satisfied patients and physician referrals are the most common reasons patients are referred to his practice.

Trust and Uncompromising Safety

A formal survey was conducted of thousands of San Francisco Bay Area medical professionals and published by San Francisco Magazine. The survey acclaimed Dr. Papalian as one of the few plastic surgeons most often selected by other physicians to treat their own family members. Uncompromising safety is paramount to Dr. Papalian's practice. He accomplishes this through a combination of judgment and surgical skill. 

Artistry / Mastery

The cornerstones of Dr. Papalian's practice are experience, safety, artistry and dedication. Dr. Papalian combines his training and experience with his discriminating eye to bring the highest quality of personalized care to each of his patients. Professional experience and advanced credentials set Dr. Papalian apart from other medical professionals. The American Board of Plastic Surgery certifies only plastic surgeons, by virtue of advanced and specialized training, who are equipped to offer the broadest range of cosmetic options. In order to have true mastery of facial aesthetics or plastic surgery, it is essential to have all the techniques available to treat patients, both surgical and non-surgical. Dr. Papalian evaluates each patient, taking into consideration the full scope of available procedures to ensure the most natural results and rapid recovery.

Service and Dedication

"Volunteering in South America, Dr. Papalian teaching local physicians about the latest techniques
in Plastic Surgery"

In 2009, Dr. Papalian founded The Plastic Surgery Center on Woodside, dedicated to comprehensive, personal and private care. While patients describe Dr. Papalian as easy to talk to and accessible; they also appreciate his straightforward communication. Patients can expect a thorough evaluation and sound advice based upon his years of professional experience. Attention to every detail is essential for a refined experience. You cannot expect unparalleled outcomes without your physician involved every step of the way. Dr. Papalian's reputation and results are a manifestation of his personal attention to your care.


Additional Pursuits...

While plastic surgery is his passion, Dr Papalian is also an aviation enthusiast and a Commercial Multiengine Instrument rated pilot; Dr Papalian is a member of Aircraft Owners and Pilot's Association. Piloting his pressurized twin Cessna 414A allows Dr. Papalian to travel to professional and plastic surgery meetings while being only a quick flight away from his patients.